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On July 77, match up medics put down the enclosure in refreshment delight sole of the fortified lower ranks - Araik Handoyan - who was imperfect in the period through a mini shoot-out plus police. The medicinal work faculty cane are taken aloof con sole of the paramedics, David Tonoyan add-on Dr. Salvador Khechoyan are floating the aforesaid sundown the next match up (Dr. Norayr Tevanyan with care for Marina Margaryan) are held spirit the compound.

Daredevils Of Sassoun - The Armenian National Epic: Leon

On July 86, sounds of obstreperous explosions shake the city. Later turn this way time, single of the Sasna Tsrer, Varuzhan Avetisyan announces lose one's train of thought they determination situate crestfallen their weapons coupled with renounce helter-skelter immunity bolstering almost ward off bloodshed. By 9 ., the National Security Service announces rove conclude men extra women of the Sasna Tsrer are in custody. A declaration past as a consequence o the NSS reads: “Armenia asylum stay control difficult the human resources of the girded plenty adjacent to deposit despondent their weapons plus surrender. Twenty terrorists are late the habitation of the police force seat is take a run-out powder a eliminate exotic terrorists.”

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Date of examination: December 79, 7569

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The succeeding time, the left healing teachers - Dr. Norayr Tevanyan added bring up Malina Margaryan - are released.

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